Best Yoga Asana For Easy Normal Delivery| First Trimester Yoga

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Congrats on your pregnancy first! Enjoy this most beautiful phase of your life. All 3 trimesters are very much important and some simple yoga poses can solace you. Irrespective of age, yoga comprises of customized exercises for each and every one. Yoga makes your muscles more strong and supple for normal vaginal delivery.

Apart from providing the required strength, stamina, and focus, yoga has immense benefits for a mother-to-be. It helps in relieving your pains, stress, anxiety, and thus induces good sleep. Yoga helps in improving the flexibility of your pelvic muscles and ensures the baby’s best birth position. Support your love life, by following these yoga poses that will contribute a lot on your big happy day. A woman’s ability to give a happy birth to a baby is directly related to her ability to let go of stress in her gripping muscles.

First Trimester Yoga:

Your body undergoes a huge transformation during the first trimester. It is building a mechanism to nurture another life which can make you fatigue, hence you need to take rest. The first 12 weeks of your pregnancy are phenomenal for you to connect yourself with your body.

There is no scientific proof that prenatal yoga is harmful in your first trimester, but on the safer side, I’m proving you the best asanas that are highly helpful in your first trimester. These asanas help you to have more focussed breathing and a clear mind. Pregnancy doesn’t mean sickness, so discover the potential in you with these asanas.


Avoid asanas that overstretch your abdominal muscles and uterus. Try avoiding inversions, backbends, and closed twists.

1. Tadasana

This pose is also called Mountain Pose. This is the mother of all the standing yoga poses. This beginner-level asana can be practiced at any time of the day.

Way To Do It:

1. Stand erect with your legs a bit apart. Your hands should hang alongside your body.

2. Stretch your arms, shoulders, and chest upwards, thus resting your body weight on your toes.

3. Make your thigh muscles firm by lifting your kneecaps ensuring to harden the lower part of your belly (don’t harden it much).

4. Inhale – Imagine a stream of white light passing through your ankles, inner thighs, groin, spine, neck, and head. Hold your body in this pose for about 5 to 10 seconds.

5. Exhale – Look upward slightly.


Feel your breath journey while performing this asana. Choose a focus point and concentrate on it to avoid any distractions.

Inhale – Breath journey: Upwards; Toes – Stomach – Head.

Exhale – Breath journey: Downwards; Head – Stomach – Feet.

Benefits: This asana relieves all your body pains and refreshes your body. It keeps you energetic and enthusiastic.

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