5 Home Remedies to cure knee pains

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Ayurveda shows the best solutions for every Health-related problems with simple Home Remedies and Tips which are Affordable by every Human Being.

Let’s see a few of them cure Knee pain:

knee pains Home Remedy 1

For this Home Remedy, we need
 sugar
 salt
 Turmeric
 lime Juice.
Take One Teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of Turmeric, and One Teaspoon of Rock Salt
Grind them Together Turmeric Reduces inflammation, Rock salt has magnesium sulfate which can Reduce joint pain. Apply this mixture and leave it overnight Another way to use rock salt is to put in a cloth bag and heat up in a hot pan or microwave And apply it as a hot pack on knee whenever Joint pain arises.

Home Remedy 2

For this HOME Remedy, we need
• Sesame oil,
• mustard oil
• Ginger Powder
sesame oil is known as the healing oil in Ayurveda, this along with mustard oil and ginger powder has the anti-inflammatory properties. Once its mixed well gently massages on your knee for some time and leave it overnight.

Home Remedy 3

In this next Remedy, we use olive oil and apple cider vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar will reduce joint pains by eliminating Toxins from Joints and Tissues as well Massage it gently on the Knee and leave it.

Home Remedy 4

In this remedy, we required coconut oil along with cayenne pepper and chili powder. Cayenne pepper /chili powder has natural pain releasing property. While coconut oil has increasing Blood circulation property. You might experience a slight tingling sensation while applying this mixture on the Joints. If you have an open wound please avoid using this mixture.

Home Remedy 5

For this Home remedy, we use Tulasi leaves, Turmeric powder, and warm coconut oil.
Grind it well and make it as a mixture. Massage the mixture on the knee for at least 5 to 10 min. Finally to Avoid Joint and cure Knee pain the Best and useful platform is Ayurveda. Let’s use it and make it useful for others.

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