Best DIY Shampoo For Dry Hair

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Shampoo for Dry and Brittle hair

The Health of a Hair always defines personality and maintaining therefore also becomes very important. Scalp secretes oil which makes hair look greasy. Airborne dust that the hair is exposed to also combines towards making the scalp unclean. Although It is necessary that you wash your hair every day it is important that you do and follows a good cleaning regime for there is nothing that can make women prettier and hair get shiny, clean in hair Lack of Haircare leads to multiple problems.

Dandruff is a problem that is more associated with a dry scalp but it can be a result of dirty hair as well An accumulation of dirt on your scalp could be one of the reasons for experiencing scalp feel tight and also leads to Headache.

Don’t worry

Let me explain to you How you can make very effective natural shampoos right now to try at your home.

Hair shampoo Remedy 1

Baking soda helps to restore PH level of your hair and it also cleans up any product
which is built on the scalp.
Take a cup of Hot water.
Add Two Tablespoons of Baking Soda.
Mix it well.
Wash Your Hair in the shower.
Massage the mixture on the scalp and your hair as well.
Leave it as it is about 2 mins then rinse it off with normal water.
Your Hair will feel dry when it is wet however once it is completely dried it becomes soft.

Hair Shampoo Home Remedy 2

Lemon acts as a strong cleansing agent While cucumber tends to keeps the scalp cool.
Take one fresh peeled Lemon.
Cut a lemon into half and de-seed it.
Grind the Lemon.
Take 1 Pealed cucumber and grind it as well.
Mix the Cucumber Pulp with lemon.
Mix it well.
Massage this mixture well on the scalp and leave it about 5 min as it is.
And rinse thoroughly with normal water.
If your hair is little dry use mac cucumber.
If your hair is little oily use mac lemon.

Tips and Tricks :

Make sure that you should cover your hair with a scarf when traveling. This will protect your hair not only from the Harsh sun But also from the Harmful dust And environmentally pollution.


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  1. Hello health universe.. i am glad to find your article.. am struggling with dry and brittle hair , this remedy is so much interesting . i ll follow this from now on.. please share many articles for hair. thanks

  2. a bigggg thank you .! for this recipe… i know many people are really frustrated with dry hair … and spending hours and investing money on this problem by trying all the products available in market… guys who are facing such problems… here is your solution.. try this one… i strongly recommend to try this… you ll see an amazing result with this …

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