Best Shampoo Recipes For Hair Growth

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Hundreds of hair care products hit the market shelves every day. Are you tired of trying all those hair care products that give false claims? Then this post is for you. Make your own shampoo remedy for your dry, lifeless, and limp hair at your doorstep. This post talks about various homemade shampoo recipes. Would you like to know them? Then keep reading!!!

1. Pure Herbal DIY Shampoo Powder: This herbal shampoo powder is terrific because it is loaded with tons of nutrients. There are many homemade shampoos, but this herbal shampoo powder is my personal best as I can assure you that you will have guaranteed results and I am sure you would fall in love with this shampoo as well. The benefits of this shampoo powder are endless and the result is stupendous.
Required items:
Shikakai – 500 grams
Ritha (kunkudukay/Soap nuts) – 500 grams
Amla/Indian Gooseberry (Usiri) – 500 grams
Wood Apple (Kavitha/Maradegujju) – 500 grams
Fenugreek seeds – 500 grams
Buy any of the above ingredients here.
Time required: 20 minutes
1. Dry all the above ingredients in the sun for about 3-4 hours.
2. Crush the soap nuts coarsely using a hammer.
3. Powder all the ingredients one-by-one in a mixer or take them to a mill to powder it if time permits.
4. Grind it till the resulting powder is super soft(strain them if necessary) and store this dry soft powder in a jar/container.
Note: Make sure that all the ingredients are completely dry while following the above process, as the presence of even a small amount of moisture can hamper the process of storage.
Procedure to shampoo your hair with this DIY herbal shampoo powder:
1. Take 3 tablespoons of this herbal shampoo powder to a bowl.
2. Add some lukewarm little by little to this powder to make sure that there are no lumps and mix this till you get a pouring consistency.
3. Brush your hair well before applying this shampoo
4. Follow the Divide and Rule policy to apply this shampoo to your hair.
5. Break your hair into small sections and apply the shampoo to all the hair sections.
6. Apply it to the roots of the hair and the entire hair.
7. Wait for 5-10 minutes so that the shampoo gets into the hair.
8. Add water little by little and rub your hair with fingers and rinse it off.
9. Pour/apply this shampoo for the second time to your hair (apply this to your complete hair along with the scalp) and massage your hair now.
Note: This time you can dilute this shampoo with water.
10. Massage it again and now you will start to see lather from the herbal shampoo because your hair is cleansed now.
11. Give a final rinse with water.
Best results:
For best results use this shampoo once a week and I bet you that you can see visible results within 2 months.
Shikakai cleanses the hair and prevents dandruff. It keeps the scalp clean eradicating white and grey hair. It makes your hair more strong, healthy, and radiant.
Because of the anti-microbial properties in Ritha, there will be no lice and no hair infections. It gives you soft, shiny, and damage-resistant hair.
Amla which is rich in Vitamin C cleans out all the scalp infections with its anti-bacterial properties. It prevents dandruff and promotes hair growth. Fenugreek makes your hair silky and shiny preventing dandruff attack and is highly recommended for oily scalp. Wood apple acts like a natural hair scent and hair refresher.
Each and every ingredient in this herbal shampoo powder promotes hair growth preventing hair loss, dandruff, and white hair.

2. DIY Egg Shampoo :

Egg yolk contains lecithin which acts as a natural emulsifier. Egg cuts the grease and the dirt and can make your hair squeaky clean. Egg is naturally pH balanced and hence it can keep our scalp clean and free from fungus and other microbes.
Required items:
Egg yolk – 2
Peppermint essential oil – 12-15 drops
Aloe Vera or Lime juice – 2 teaspoons
Fenugreek seed powder (optional) – 2 tablespoons
Apple cider vinegar – 50 ml (1/4th cup)
Lukewarm water
Buy any of the above ingredients here.
Time required: 10 minutes
1. Separate the egg yolk from the eggs and add 4 tablespoons of lukewarm water and mix well.
2. Add all the above ingredients and blend it well and make sure it doesn’t froth.
3. Wet your hair and apply this egg shampoo to the entire hair along with the scalp.
4. Massage it for 3-5 minutes and let it sit in your hair for 2-5 minutes which makes it absorb really well into your hair.
5. Give a final rinse with water diluted apple cider vinegar (reduces the egg smell) and you are done.
Points to remember:
1. You can dilute apple cider vinegar with water to give a final rinse.
2. Make this shampoo only when you shampoo your hair. This shampoo can’t be preserved for more than a day.
3. The recipe is for medium-long (more than shoulder length) hair. If your hair is shorter reduce it and if it’s longer increase it.
4. You can use the whole egg if your scalp is super oily.
5. Use this shampoo no more than once a week for the best results.
Since the egg is rich in Vitamin A, D, B12, folate, zinc, iron,
and essential fatty acids, this shampoo cleans the hair and adds stupendous volume and bounce to your hair.

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