Coconut oil base DIY shampoos

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Homemade Ayurveda shampoos are the best if you are looking for a chemical-free shampoo So in this article lets make a natural shampoo for dry hair.


Now looking at the ingredients we require for our Natural shampoo

The first ingredient we require is

  • 50 gms of soapnut.
  • Soapnut is a mild cleanser that cleans the dirt making the head clean and fresh.
  • It also is Antibacterial and fights all the fungal activities going on in the scalp. The second ingredient is 100gms of shikakai.
  • Shikakai is a wonder herb that makes the hair grow and remains shining. The third ingredient is 100gms of Aamla or Indian Gooseberry.
  • Amla in Sanskrit means the Essence of life.
  • It’s a powerful antioxidant that restores the natural hair color.
  • And makes the hair thick.
  • Also use the Dry, amala, shekakai powder that’s what is available to you.

This shampoo is for Dry and damaged hair is strong conditioning agent Ice needed which is nothing but Coconut. We would take almost half the coconut an excellent source of natural oil. Coconut will deeply condition the dry and freeze hair and I recommend that using fresh coconut which is sowed but not stored one why because stored coconut oil will make the hair greasy.

And also no coconut powder will work hear. We also need to take a Bunch of Holy Tulasi. A fragrant herb Tulasi is considered to be sacred to Indians given to its numeral health benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant and anti-bacterial herb Which would clean the scalp and control the dirt and dandruff.

Let’s begin

By deseeding the soapnut I simply crack them open to extract the seed out Once all the seeds are out its time to soak Soapnut. Use an iron vessel for soaking and it will enhance the results Use around 1 liter of water and let’s avail it like sowed overnight. Soak overnight or else 8 hours And try to observe that the color would have changed.

Even all the ingredients are gone soaked. Shekakai those who are very hard And have gone tender in the water. Now let’s chope the coconut fine you can grate it as well however we can also grind the coconut in our kitchen grinder to save lots of time. So initially I will chope it into grindable pieces Then we will grind it and collect the spore’s coconut mix into a cup.

Now we can take a thick bottom like a pan on the stove to prepare the shampoo. You may also take a pressure cooker We personally prefer a pressure cooker as it saves a lot of time and does a better job. However, those who are not from India will not have a pressure cooker. So in that case as an alternate, we can use a pan as well. Switch on the flame and add the amla, shikakai and next add the ground coconut mixture.

Then add the Tulasi leaf Use the leaf and stem alike. Don’t through away any part of it After 5 minutes can observe the change in color. if you are using a pressure cooker then try to boil it for 3-4 whistles Within 20 minutes the mixture will convert into the dark and red Indian curry Reduce the fire. Observe the Tender has everything gone.

The soapnuts are cooked properly try to crush everything into a pulp with the fingers. To extract out maximum juice it may be a bit messy but it will make the shampoo thick. You can also grind everything. Then its proper time to strain it out. Since this shampoo is mild and Natural without the foaming agent It would not lather like your regular foaming agents.

However, it is 100% Natural won’t harm your hair, in fact, it will help your hair grow like never before. Also being mild you have to use it twice to wash your hair in the shower. It is absolutely safe for children Though it shouldn’t come to contact with your eyes. So we have almost half a liter of coconut shampoo which is Natural and homemade Let’s store it in a bottle for Handy usage. This will be good for 8 to 10 days kept in a refrigerator.

Being mild can be used twice or thrice a week. If you found this article useful share it with your friends and neighbors as well.

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