Best Foods For Pregnant Women

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Best Foods For Pregnant Women

There is no myth saying that pregnant women have to eat 2 times or 3 times a day. Pregnant women have to eat to increase their diet by 300-kilo calories. Rather than having 3 full meals a day, pregnant women are suggestible to have 5 short meals a day. And have to take the required amount of liquids.

Maintenance of Pregnant women health with

• Needs of the Growing fetus.
• Should provide Strength and vitality while pregnant women are delivering and also for successful lactation.

During the pregnancy food taken should be :

• Light
• Nutritious
• Easily digestible
• Rich in minerals and vitamins as well.

Apart from the principle of food that Pregnant women are taking, Pregnant women should at least include :

• Half a liter of milk in her food curriculum.
• Lots of Green vegetables
• Fruits

Must Avoid During Pregnancy :

• Avoid Oily foods.
• Soft cheese should be avoided because it is unpasteurized and it may contain Bacteria.
• It’s not that pregnant need to eat whatever we choose to eat
• Alcohol during pregnancy is not recommended.
• But if pregnant women is in habit of consuming Alcohol only 2 pegs in a week is uggestible

Daily Exercises for pregnant women:

• Gentle exercises during pregnancy are really very good. It keeps the mother happy and improves blood circulation and keeps her healthy as well.
• Half an hour of simple walking in fresh air is good enough.
• Some Breathing exercises and Yoga asana are prescribed.

With physiotherapist Consultation :

• Abdominal and pelvic floor toning and fetching exercises
• Running must stop.
• Weight lifting Pregnant women can continue to weight lift. In sitting portion rather than standing.

Finally, Pregnant women, Health curriculum Plan plays a major role to keep the Mother and the child safer and Healthier.

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