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Yoga mudras are especially helpful for someone who are unable to diet and do exercises. Before entering into the article about mudra. Let’s come across what exactly mudra is? How to Practice it and How to get benefit from it?

What is Mudra?

Mudras are hand gestures that direct the flow of energy in the body. The energy contained in our body is known as the prana. It is the energy that flows through various chakras of a human body through specific hand gestures and positions, Mudras acts as Locks and guides energy flow in the Body which reflects into the Brain.

A body is Made up of 5 elements namely:

• Fire
In Ayurveda known for Agni, Aakaash, Vaayu, Prithvi, and Jal.

The five fingers of our Hands is represented as five elements

• The Thumb indicates Fire.
• Index finger indicates Air.
• Middle finger denotes space.
• Ring finger denotes Earth.
• And the Little finger denotes Water.

Hence we can manipulate the flow of energy in the Body By Holding them in a particular mudra position. In this article, we will see

  1. Surya mudra
  2. Apana Mudra

1. Surya mudra :

The Surya mudra which helps increase the metabolism in the body. Surya Mudra is to Increase the Digestive fire.

How to do Surya mudra ?

Initially sit in Padmasana/vajra asana Known for Lotus Position. If you are unable to sit in Yoga asana. Try to sit on the chair In sukaasana or Easy position. To practice the Surya Mudra The ring finger is Placed as a base of the Thumb finger. The Thumb gently must press the Ring finger. The earth element in the ring finger is associated with weight gain. By pressing down the ring finger it suppresses the earth element.

Hence it will result in weight loss. Surya mudra ignites the digestive fire in the body. It is set to control the Hunger and Temptation for food in the Body. It also increases the Metabolism easy to Loss weight. This Mudra also activates the energy center Related to the Thyroid gland.

Some of the Other Benefits of Surya Mudra are :

.Generate Heat in the Body
• Helps to reduce cholesterol.
• Reduces Anxiety.
• Make you set sweat on a cold /winter day.
Practice this mudra for 15 Minutes Twice a day. Generally, Mudras are accompanied by deep and slow Breathing Processes.

2. Apana Mudra :

Apana Mudra is to regulate the excretory system to flush out the Toxins Known as Ama.

How to do Apana Mudra ?

Sit comfortably In Sukaasana and take a breath before starting the process. The Tips of the Middle Finger and Ring finger gently touch the Tip of the Thumb while the other two fingers are stretched out.

Benefits of Apana Mudra are :

• By Practicing this Mudra Body’s waste disposal system will function more efficiently.
• The Apana Mudra plays an important role In a health Excretory system.
• This mudra will help you during Constipation.
Practice this Mudra for 15 minutes twice a day. Generally, Mudras are Held for 45 min accompanied by a slow and deep breath. Practicing this mudra for a longer period will give better results. If you don’t have time to sit in a meditative state.

You can also practice this Mudras in the car, Bus or when you are taking a break at home. Finally, hold the Mudra as Often you can and you will be in a path to slimmer and Healthy life.

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